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RoboPeak USB Display Product Pages

RoboPeak USB Display is a portable color TFT screen with touch screen which connect to host via USB ports. It provides a friendly user interface to Mini PCs, Routers, and etc. The support to Arduino Yun and Intel Galileo is in progress and will be available soon.



Specification Min Typical Max Unit
Display Size N/A 2.8 N/A Inch
Resolution N/A 320×240 N/A Pixels
Color Depth N/A 16 N/A bpp
Connection Port N/A Micro USB N/A N/A
Connection Speed N/A 12 N/A Mbps
Physical Size N/A 74×60 N/A mm
Touch Screen Points N/A 1 N/A Points



Order Information

DFRobot is helping us to sell RoboPeak Mini USB Diplay:

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